The leader of the Dawn Hunters came to me for help. She said that she wants me to tell her the names of any Clans who want to attack her guild. Basically she insists that her guild is totally innocent in all of this. The only reason any Clan would attack her guild is because her guild members provoked Clan cats. She also denies the fact that I saw some of her own Clan arguing with cats in their own territory. She insists her guild is totally innocent in the whole matter and deserves none of the battles any Clan will bring her way, even though the only way anyone would attak is because her guold members provoked them. Now she has threatened to attack every single one of my Clan cats because she cannot handle the truth about her very own guild, and that she is not the perfect leader she claims to be.

If Sparrow Tail or any of the Dawn Hunters asks for you to tell them any Clans who wish to attack them, please reject her request. If you know anyone who has been asked please tell them the truth about it. There should be no wars caused at the hands of this fledgling guild.

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