RavenHeart The Swiftest1

aka Ravenheart

  • I live in StarClan
  • I was born on December 19
  • My occupation is Medicine Cat
  • I am She-cat
  • RavenHeart The Swiftest1


    December 24, 2013 by RavenHeart The Swiftest1


    Mother:Skysoul (Dark Ginger she-cat)

    Father:SummerCloud (Unknown Description)

    Littermates:Ashflame (Forgotten description),and Frost/Nightfrost (Forgotten Description)

    Mate:Blackclaw (Black Tom)

    Kits:Frostkit/fang (White she-cat and stub tail), Icekit/paw (White small she-cat)

    Clan:EquinoxClan (Formal) 

    Residence: StarClan

    Rank MedicineCat (Orignally suppost to be warrior)

    Leader:Legendstar  origanlly

    Apprentice(s): Cloudmist (Grey Tabby)

    Age: 4.3

    Death: Smoke Inhailation 

    _____________________________________________________________________________________ Breed: Spotted Tabby Fur: Light Grey with small dark spots (Shown in pictures)

    Eyes:Outstanding Golden Nose:Darker gray than my fur

    Ears: Dark Grey-tipped ears

    Claws: Regular Cat colored claws


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