Anyone who has a wiki and is reading this Prism Clan has been hacked just minutes ago! If your reading this and were or wanna join Prism Clan PLZ friend the following, VineStar, Jayflight Jayflight (were afraid she was the hacker so Jayflight is optional) Geiger Legendary, Derpy Ashpaw... (trying to think LOL).... Echo.... Erm. I honestly don't know guys. I can't even tell you if VineStar will still be in the clan. The other leader (Dear blonds VineStar is or was Prism Clan leader) Anyway the other leader is Scourgeblood... I think. I'm trying my best to remember. Also Kade Phantom... Idk if thats all of his name but thats all I rememer. I'm sorry :'(.

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