Prism Clan

aka RL: Ashtin Geiger. FR: Geiger Legendary

  • I live in Earth
  • I was born on September 23
  • My occupation is Apprentice of Crown Cat
  • I am Tom-Cat
  • Prism Clan

    Sunset Fake?

    January 27, 2014 by Prism Clan

    Ok, I'm sure EVERYONE has heard that Free Realms is "Shutting Down" (I honestly don't know what to belive so.... yeah xP. Anyway. Everyone is making a Feral Heart account @ So ppl are making that and stuff (I haven't gotten chance yet Dx) some other people like me and some friends are getting Kik and stuff. I use to have Instergram but it got deleted some how. I also had twitter! Dx. But now I only have Facebook and Kik because my iPod memory was wiped when I forgot the password! Dx (dumb right!?!) Well anyway you can Kik me @ Ashtin_Geiger. Or follow me on Facebook (I only got a facebook to talk to my girlfriend becase she can't talk on anything else) @ Ashtin Geiger. I have the white and black picture of me sitting up ag…

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  • Prism Clan

    Anyone who has a wiki and is reading this Prism Clan has been hacked just minutes ago! If your reading this and were or wanna join Prism Clan PLZ friend the following, VineStar, Jayflight Jayflight (were afraid she was the hacker so Jayflight is optional) Geiger Legendary, Derpy Ashpaw... (trying to think LOL).... Echo.... Erm. I honestly don't know guys. I can't even tell you if VineStar will still be in the clan. The other leader (Dear blonds VineStar is or was Prism Clan leader) Anyway the other leader is Scourgeblood... I think. I'm trying my best to remember. Also Kade Phantom... Idk if thats all of his name but thats all I rememer. I'm sorry :'(.

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  • Prism Clan

    Prism Clan Project

    January 11, 2014 by Prism Clan

    Prism Clan is now trying to untite friendly wolves that are wolves but don't really belive the code and want to became warrior cat allies. We are trying to get packs to help us fight. We are trying to make peace for once. The allies in these packs will help us and as we will help them. They will fight with us if they think this clan or pack isn't obeying the code or doing stuff in a bad way. A disgrace clan or pack. We have only had some of one clan agree to this so far. We want to get more wolf allies. It's not about being a wolf or a cat. It's about following the code. Obeying everything that the fellow cats and wolves before I us made. It's not about wolves or cats at all. It's about the code and the way we live. Were changing things up…

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