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    The Legend Of Eidolon Clan

    November 11, 2013 by Lethalclaw
    Ghostfang slowed down to a stop when he heard growls and snarls. He turned around, leaping behind a rock. He looked over the rock to see a huge wolf snarling and going towards camp. He froze, but remembered everybody else. He leapt over the rock and rammed into the wolves leg in attempt to knock it over. Ghostfang was flung into the air at the rock. He got up and tried to slash claws at the wolf, but was thrown even further. He reached the edge of the waterfall.He looked behind him in panic and at the wolf, then behind the wolf at the camp. He let out a sigh, I will protect this clan.. With my life he looked back at the wolf but at the next moment was nearly flying off the edge and he clung to the wolves leg as he dropped down the waterfall… Read more >