OK so if you've asked me for a request, then look at the list below to see when I'll be drawing your piece. I'm doing the banner for this wiki, so that will take up the majority of my time.

FWB=for wiki banner

  • Erin Nightshade book cats
  • colorbabies request
  • LegacyStar eclipse request
  • Sylis FWB
  • JayDakoda request
  • Legacystar FWB
  • Erin Nightshade request (cat)
  • Rosastar FWB
  • Erin Nightshade request (horse)
  • Hollystar FWB
  • Willowsoul FWB
  • Whitestar FWB

The WillowSoul and Sylis are mine, WillowSoul is my warrior cat and Sylis is my epic nautical fursona!

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