aka Ava

  • I live in Minnesota; kinda wish it was still California
  • I was born on May 4
  • My occupation is Artist, Fencer, Knowledge Enthusiast
  • Kitty305

    OK so I don't want to be rude or hurt antone else's feelings, but I just need to let everyone know: I know some of you are anxious for art to be completed, but I don't do this 24/7. I do this in my spare time, when I FEEL like it. I have a lot of requests, and not only am I expected to get that done, but I also have school related and personal projects. In short, I have a lot of art to do. So i'm really sorry to those who expected this to be done quick, (Erin Nightshade I will at least see if I can do 2 cats this weekend) and if you want to see when I will be doing your art, check out my blog, The Art of Prioritization (requests). I hope I do not offend anyone, I just am saying that I don't spend all my time drawing. 

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  • Kitty305

    OK so if you've asked me for a request, then look at the list below to see when I'll be drawing your piece. I'm doing the banner for this wiki, so that will take up the majority of my time.

    FWB=for wiki banner

    • Erin Nightshade book cats
    • colorbabies request
    • LegacyStar eclipse request
    • Sylis FWB
    • JayDakoda request
    • Legacystar FWB
    • Erin Nightshade request (cat)
    • Rosastar FWB
    • Erin Nightshade request (horse)
    • Hollystar FWB
    • Willowsoul FWB
    • Whitestar FWB

    The WillowSoul and Sylis are mine, WillowSoul is my warrior cat and Sylis is my epic nautical fursona!

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  • Kitty305

    Digital Art

    November 14, 2013 by Kitty305

    Hi! I'm Kitty305, but you can call me WillowSoul. This blog is mainly about art. I love to draw. Both traditional and digitally. I just wanted to see who the other artists are here. What do you like to draw? Do you draw traditionally or digitally? Maybe both?

    If you have an art request, feel free to ask, although I cannot guarantee completion.

    'Till then, keep doodling!

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