• KaranaAmethystClan

    Now, im sure you havent heard of Amethyst Clan. Yes its a gem, and yes its a new clan. But, what you havent heard is the history behind us all.As a gem.

    Karana was a typical warrior cat. Her mother was Ember at the time and she started off in Darkmoon. Her father was Shay but he was just not happy.His kit has been born, but  he diddnt expect the kit to be diffrent from them both. Karana was a golden eyed tan pelted cat. Ember and Shay were white pelted cats, so this was a change

    After years and yeas of Karana trying to find somewhere she belongs, she stopped at a wolf pack, Blackpaw. Alex Realms has saved her life after being mauled by a deranged cat. At that time Karana thought shed live with wolves for awhile. Big mistake. She fit in just …

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