aka HeåtherStorm

  • My occupation is Warrior in BloodClaw Clan
  • I am Female o_O
  • Heatherstormeh

    Well, This is the start of a rant. I basically just used this on many cats.

    So.. I hate that clans think that they are better than you and that they think they can rule over all of freerealms.

    1. You don't own any of the land. We only use it in RolePlay and if you don't respect the roleplay then i will send a ticket. But only if you abuse the RolePlay (Cursing in every sentence, Etc.). Most of the new clans think that they are cooler, let me just say, BloodClaw is THRIVING right now. We are almost at max people in the clan.

    2. Cursing. You have no right to curse on a online game. Plus... If you abuse the filter too much. Like for example, on the french servers ( idk about the rest ) you can do, (ex. fdck, bch, fuc, aiss, as, shzt, shxit, etc)…

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