aka Alex Realms

  • I live in Blackspore
  • I was born on February 11
  • My occupation is Alpha
  • I am a Wolf of the first line
  • Frblackpaw

    Hello everyone :) 

    So recently you cats on the wiki have been seeing a small part of the blackpaw-legend moonstar conflict. I thought I would explain exactly what has happened and why this is going on. 

    A while ago, Darkmoon leader Ravenflight and I had been under accusations of wanting to take over the cat realms by attacking other clans (not our motives at all). Confused by where this rumor had came from, Raven and I looked into it. It so turned out that Legend Moonstar had been spreading these rumors in order to make black paw and darkmoon clan, both prominent clans/packs targeted. Legend Moonstar had previously had conflict with the werewolves as a cat, responsible for countless lives of some of my greatest warriors. Ravenflight and othe…

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