I'm soon going to make a Horse Story soon, and I'm giving you guys a sneak peek of some of the things I have sorta planed.

There will be three mare leaders of some of the herds

Spirit (I hope you know this horse) is also going to be in this story, he and Rain and his herd.

Ah, now we get to another thing about this new Horse Story, a more Super Sneak Peek!........ Magical Horses will also come into this story.

The Herds and Leaders I have so far:

South Wind Herd

Mare leader: No name yet

Mate: Unknown

Colt: No name yet (Picture will be added soon)

Silver Flower Herd

Mare leader: Sally-en (Appaloosa)

Mate: Can't exactly tell what type of horse he is but still no name

Colt: Apple-isa

Colts friend: BlackSpot

Clin-toll-lea Herd

Mare Leader: Duchess

Mate: Clinter

Full Grown Colt: Black Beauty

There is another herd, and our main character horse.

Star Cloud Herd

Mare Leader: Golden Hoof

Mate: Unknown right now

Main Character Colt: Star Wind

And so, Star Winds story begins here, knowing one day this herd would once be hers, but much yet is to learn before the time comes for that. She may be one that no one will forget, to change the Horse Herds forever. Star Wind was born differently, a star mark on her fore head, yet what comes ahead is not always good, shall the evil herd she has heard about come and attack her own and she will die almost to young, or will she be brave and stand up with her hidden secret wings shown.

It's coming soon

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