aka Cherrypool

  • I live in SkyfallClan
  • I was born on April 25
  • My occupation is Leader and a Friend
  • I am a she-cat
  • Cherrypool-Moonstar

    Lets all celebrate!

    • Wear Blue and Green
    • Write Seaweed Brain on your wrist
    • Read a chapter of Percy Jackson
    • Eat a blue cupcake
    • Throw Percy his own party!
    • Get balloons
    • Watch the horrible movies
    • Post a pic and tag it #happybirthdayseaweedbrain

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  • Cherrypool-Moonstar

    Need a title for something random? I can help you! In the comments section put a title and describe what you want it to look like and I can make it! 


    Font:Lord of the Rings/Title:Cherrypool Wiki/For:Cherrypool-Moonstar

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  • Cherrypool-Moonstar

    Many Clans dont exist anymore. I think we need to edit the dead clans and clans page. 

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  • Cherrypool-Moonstar


    May 23, 2014 by Cherrypool-Moonstar

    If I am not mistaken, many people have attempted suicide. Not just cats from this wiki, but sidisons of the world. They do this to put an imidiate stop to their troubles.

    But listen. Before you try to kill yourself, take a break and think of the good things in your life. Think of your friends and family. Then give yourself a relaxing SPA treatment. You will feel better. Write down ALL your feelings on paper. 

    Do what's best

    ~A warm bath, while reading a book. Bubbles will help, but scented bubbles are better

    ~Keep a journal or diary

    ~Give yourself a SPA

    ~Scream into your pillow

    ~Cuss into your pillow

    ~Talk to a good friend

    ~Have a fashion shoot, dress up and some fun clothing and act out your character

    ~Turn up the music and dance

    ~Spin in circles


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  • Cherrypool-Moonstar


    May 14, 2014 by Cherrypool-Moonstar
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