Ugh, damn school, I hate it, it's crap! Seriously. I need time to do OTHER THINGS than maths all day. And we have to do sport which makes it worse... I HATE SPORT! And everybody else in my year loves it T_T, possibly even the whole school. Anyways, yeah, that's the reson I haven't been going on much lately o_o, probably won't be able to come on in the weekdays (I'm in aus, most of you are in america, so it's usually like night for me and morning for you or morning for me and night for you). If I do it's not till late and yeah. But weekends, yes. It's the weekend now so that's why I'm online. Just wanted to let you guys know. And how is FR going with the clans and stuff? i'VE BEEN gone so I wanna know please tell me what stuff has happened or if it's been nm. Also, how is FH working? More people on it?

K bye.

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