Now that Free Realms is coming to an end, I will obviously still be playing Free Realms but I am going to get Feral Heart too. We've decided we don't want all the free realms clans to die out, so we are going to move to Feral Heart, or at least most of us anyway. Some have refused, some don't know, because Feral Heart only has one server it can get laggy which is why registration is only open at random times, and people can spend months trying to get it and get very frustrated. Luckily I got in within a few days though.

So I wish, and I ask, that every cat can move to Feral Heartm because honestly, I don't want to loose you guys. I'm a cat forever, and you're all my family. Family isn't by blood.

If anyone can also help me out here, whenever you see registration open, please make a bunch of random accounts and then give them to cats, please. It can really help out a lot. Just one account even.

You can find me on Feral Heart; my username is eagleknight39. I have 4 characters; Bubblefur (my main), Bubbleflight, Bubblewing & XxWolfiexX

I never do blog posts so o.o,

Anyways, bye!

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