So many of you have been having trouble downloading FeralRealms. For me, it was a like drinking a soda and thats really easy! So yeah, let's get started.

STEP 1 Music.cfg file

Open your FeralRealms folder. Copy the muisc.cfg and then go to your FeralHeart folder. Put the music.cfg file there and if it says replace, replace them.

STEP 2 Exports

Go to your FeralRealms folder. Go to exports then copy the files and then go to your FeralHeart folder. In there, go to exports. Then copy the files there.

STEP 3 Media

Since this is too long, let me explain how this works.

The name of the folder is where you put the files at.

For example, the terrains folder files would go in FeralHeart terrains

If you have trouble, ask me!

~BettaWolf the FeralRealms Beta Tester (Lol, BTW I was the first one there besides Alex)

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