aka LightSworn Captain

  • I live in Somewhere
  • My occupation is Chess, Football and Sleeping
  • I am Male
  • AscendingKnight

    At 09:30 A.M, Civil Protection teams patrolled the Greenwood Forest area. While doing so, my squad located a shady character who ran at the sight of us. We quickly split up to intercept her, and eventually found her a few feet North of the Chatty Camp, along with Legend MoonStar. We successfully spied on her, and recorded the following chat session:

    Legend MoonStar: have you heard of rumors of dark moon?

    Legend MoonStar: or blood claw?

    Aquila: Not since that one about Blood.claw, why..?

    Legend MoonStar: i heard they stole some kits

    Aquila: I mean Black.paw, and oh

    Legend MoonStar: if they did steal kits

    Legend MoonStar: i will steal sme of their kits :/

    Legend MoonStar: because lion shadow told me tht

    Aquila: That's terrible... do you know who did …

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