Welcome to PrismClan... sadly I don't know where VineStar is but Jayflight is going to remake PrismClan. I am going to help rebuild Prism Clan with Jayflight. So feel free to join. ~ Legend MoonStar. Sadly Snowstar has died, the reason of death is only for Prismclan to know of, but we shall all miss her. I have now taken over Prismclan until Vinestar returns, she should be back very soon. ~Jay 6/22/14.

Prismclan is doing fine right now. ~Jay 7/10/2014




Leader: VineStar

Deputy: Unknown

Warriors: Cindermoon, and Unknown cats

Meds: JayFlight





Territory is Wugachug


SolsticeClan, and wanting more :D

FeralRealms Accounts

Vinejaydovemoon: JayFlight

vinestar: VineStar

Jaystar has failed to keep the clan alive for Vinestar, our members kept leaving. Just so you all know what happened. It is dead.

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