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Welcome to the Warrior Cat Free Realms Wiki!---> Where you can find out about the wonderful world of warrior cats or chat with warrior cat buddies or family you know from our past home, Free Realms. Yes, Free Realms is gone and we might never be the same. But we will not give up! We are the proud and strong cats of the forest and mountains! We never back down or show weakness!

If your having any troubles with this wiki, you can always talk to Lucky-star or Bubble-star, our awesome admins! We are always there to help when your in trouble or need assistance. Cats only get banned from the site for constantly fighting with another user, being REALLY sexual, swearing like REALLY bad and I mean really bad or deleting pages period. So respect this wiki and have fun with cat friends & family!

News & Updates in The World of Warrior CatsEdit

Warrior Cats
Pony12211Added by Pony12211

Brand new book coming out soon! "Midnight's Story" By Midnight Pelt

Easter Sunday! 04-20-14 Central Time!

New stories coming soon by LegacyStar Eclipse

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