Raigho's Pack

So.... Hey all you warrior cats reading this! I just wanted to tell you a comic I have known about for.... I think a year now? Well its not finished yet, but soon it will be. You can still read it, and its about a wolf named Iki and his pack making a jorney to some place... but where? and why does Raigho (leader) need Iki to be there for his friend? Look this up if you sound intersted! Remember NO spoilers in the coments! Here are some pictures of the Wolves and other characters! ( not all characters )

Skoll, wait im not gonna spoil any more...

Isa profile


Jeraandiki profile

Jera and Iki. Sorry I cut off what Jera was saying, she says: COME ON AND FIGHT, YOU COWARD!

Raigho profile

this is Riagho, leader of the pack. don't mind what hes saying...


Hugin and Munin, the white and black spirits of crows calling Raigho fluffy!

Hati profile

Hati, the black spirit of wolves.

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