Glistenice CLan

We are the big blue.

Glitening Ice Clan

CLAN RANKS (We are combining with ShadowClan)

Leader- Crystall Star *cat name* -Crystall Star... Second in comand leader- Lilly Star *cat name*- Angela Softpaws

Deputy-  Bloody Claw *cat name* - Epic Brosif

Medic- Ocean pelt *cat name*

Head Warriors- Frost Claw *cat name* Frostheart1...2. (Trent Strongkeep)

Elder- Are none

Queens- Twilight night *cat name*

Apprentice- White paw *cat name*...Sky paw....

Warriors- CLASSIFIED ( Trying to keep our warriors Safe )

Kits- CALSSIFIED ( Trying to keep our kits safe )


Poison Oak, Dawn, StarShine, Shadow, FrozenIce, DarkBlaze, Snowdome, Darkmoon


None so far (lets try not to change that -.- )


We are most likely changing our territory, we are now going to share with Equinox and Dark moon Clan.



TigerPelt Former MedicineCat of this clan.

We are a strong and loyal clan. Getting more members and that means a bigger family. We are mostly a kind clan but we can easily change that if you attack. The leader (me aka. Crystall Star on FR). We are fun and kind and I try to know each of the members individualy. Hope you join! Let me know on FR or on my page, my FR name is Crystall Star.

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