Release Dates

The Legend Of Nightshade Book 1- June 2013

The Legend Of Nightshade Book 2: The Strongest by Two When Darkness Falls - June 16 2014

The Legend Of Nightshade Book 3: Just the Beginning June 17 2016

The Legend Of Nightshade Book 4 Part 1: The Age of Extinction- , Beginning it next summer (maybe if i dont end it now) Possibly 2015, 2016 starting and 2017 released

The Legend Of Nightshade Book 4 Part 2: The Last of Them- June 26 2018 (the day the third movie comes out.....they pushed it sadly)

Sorry i have been busy and i haven't had time to get to this! But just to be clear, i will no longer be putting my story in here, once i get the time and not be so distracted! I will soon put it elsewhere but the wiki's at this point, thank you for reading it for as far as i brought it and have a good day.



I got rid of it because for reasons that are against me and ill not say why because i don't want to remember.

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