Clan Territory Map

Made by Ravenflight so please give her credit. If you want your clan added to the map please give me a tour of your border in so RESPECT THE game or simply post it in this page below. Wolf Territory is included because wolves can be very hostile to any cat who trespasses or tries claiming their to include it so everyone knows to be careful in those areas. Also, do 

not edit it without permission from the creator! Also, just to note, obviously not everyone's territory will be on here, because some we do not know if their alive, or where their territory is. Hell knows there's probably about  

100 clans around, and the map could only probably fit abouIf your Clan has not been active in a while (that means we've heard nothing, and haven't seen it, and the leader is either inact or in another clan) it will be removed from the map. That is only fair for more active clans and anyways, it will clog up the map. 

If you do not see your clans' territory on the map that means one of three things:  

  1. Your clan is currently inactive and/or without a territory. 
  2. You anywhere on the wiki, including this page. 

We have created a new rule:

  • Any clans land that is approximently larger than the space of Merry Vale must share their land with one other clan. If that is currently your clan, please share with one or more other clan.

Snowy mist took a big area for anyclan who needs help or was drivin out of their land and we would love to share with you.. ty ~ AshStar

Oh ya an snowymist shares with prism clan

Prism Territory

In the mountains near Wugachug near the BloodClaw border-(does not have the mountains on there side only)


Vinestar we FrostClan gave our old territory to Riverstar the day we moved o.o....~Deathstar

Its Sapphire Star Crow its okay i am sharing her part and shes sharing my part now too ~SapphireStar

Equinox Territory

Beside darkmoons owo
Equinox Territory

Equinox Territory