Cats of BloodClan (Coming Back)


Leader: Darkstar (Darkfeather)

Deputy: none YET

Medicine cat(s) working on finding some

Top warriors: none yet

Warriors: working on getting some

Allies: Bloodclaw, Eclipse, Darkblaze, Hunters, Dawnclan, CaracalCrystal, Poison Ivy Clan

Enimies: Meadow clan and Tigerclan

Other: Bloodclan has died but im working on bringing it back to life...we still share land with Bloodclaw clan, and the clan will become strong and fierce like it once was Add me on Freerealms if you wanna join! ~Darkfeather (star)


We still share with Bloodclaw clan and we will defend it with our lives no matter dont tresspass and you wont die..o_o

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