• Ravenheart1


    When FreeRealms Sunrise is released, these will be my new oc

    • Doveshade
    • Gender : F
    • Age : 16 moons (1 yr, 4 months) {Not gonna update age until I decide when the need to.}
    • Looks Description : White pelt shaded/ticked with medium grey, and bright amber eyes. Has very faint grey stripes on front arms and chest.
    • Height : Medium
    • Mate : none
    • Parent(s) : Unknown
    • Litter-mate(s) : Unknown
    • Blood(s) : (Example : Part Skyclan, etc.) unknown
    • Kin : unknown

    • Clan : none
    • Rank : Warrior
    • Apprentice(s) : none
    • Skill(s) :
    • Swimming : 6.9/10
    • Fighting : 8/10
    • Climbing : 7/10
    • Hunting : 7.6/10

    Oc two

    • Briarfrost
    • Gender : F
    • Age : 14 moons (1yr, 2 months)
    • Looks Description : Medium brown colored pelt, darker brown marbled design on pelt. Lighter brown underbelly, toes (All toes on eac…

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  • Bunsss

    loud screaming

    April 9, 2017 by Bunsss
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  • Crookedleg

    FreeRealms Sunrise

    April 8, 2017 by Crookedleg

    Hello everyone!

    I'm sure you have all seen the FreeRealms Sunrise stuff by now. BloodClawClan is joining it and reclaiming our old territory. We are looking for any old BloodClaw members that we lost, so if you used to be in the clan please contact me.

    We are also opening our arms to any warrior cats that need a new place and clan to call home. You are welcomed with us.

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  • Siobhanna

    aka "lol bitch you really thought"

    For IC purposes, I've compiled a rudimentary timeline of RP events based on narratives and testimony from the various wikias (sources to be cited below)

    • FR opened (April 28, 2009)
    • Start of RP - "Players typically did not become non-human beings, but two factions rose, the Vampires (humans who claimed to be vampires) and wolves (people who used the spook-sphere to appear as a wolf. These two factions were natural enemies, and war erupted within the first month of their inception." (Alex Realms) Werewolves and Vampires first species to show up (early 2009)
    • 1st Great War - werewolves v. vampires, before actual guilds (month-ish after RP began, 2009)
    • WC first show up - "The end of the first great war gave rise to t…
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  • Siobhanna

    Hi -  as a preface, this is regarding M. Greensaber, the supposed “founder and reinstated commander and chief of T.R.E.E.”, and his recent posts to the wikia. While I personally do not agree with his views - something I am sure many of you can agree upon, it’s also my personal belief that the way the administrators handled this left something to be desired.

    Firstly, they technically brought something OOC into IC - starting off with a huge power imbalance in that administrators and moderators have essentially unlimited functions as the head of the wikia. Using your administrator powers to change  M. Greensaber’s personal page, and then block him for an indeterminate amount of time is in bad taste, although I’ll expound on that further on. Ad…

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  • FRAlexRealms

    Heya folks, Alex Realms here. You all know me, so I'm gonna make this short.

    Some of you are aware that I used to be involved in the FR:R (Free Realms: Reborn) project, and that also lead to my interaction with the FR:S (Free Realms: Sunrise) team. Now, the FR:R team is gone, but the FR:S team is pretty well alive- and they've already got the capabilities to make a landwalker game. Meaning RP is completely possible and WILL make a return at the very least in FreeRealms.

    In response to this, I wanna gather all the old community members together who are interested in maybe returning to RP or who still have passion for this subject. 

    The reason for this is to establish a hardened lore for Werewolves, Vampires, and Warrior Cats involved in the FR…

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  • PrimeRibPrimus

    Skype ;)

    July 28, 2016 by PrimeRibPrimus

    Du Harr0ooo :D

    This wikia is dry as the Sahara Desert, and I understand most of you communicate via Skype, so I figured I may as well get in on it also. Add me @purpleboy18. My name is Rangaha Tetemang Goyam Teerum Gae.

    That's all.

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  • BettaApex


    October 20, 2015 by BettaApex

    I know I did cause a hella lotta drama on this wiki because I got involved with Silent Shadows Rebellion, but I apologize for this (coughs don't get this shit started up again because if you bluntly call my name "Betta started this shit I h8 her" well m8 time to learn I change quickly in a few months)

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  • Xbridesmaidx

    Hey Everyone

    October 12, 2015 by Xbridesmaidx

    It's been a while since I've logged into the Wiki. I found myself missing the Clans again so I decided to log in and have a look around. How is everyone? Have I missed much? How are all of the Clans doing?

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  • BettaApex


    July 19, 2015 by BettaApex

    On FeralHeart, we moved to another map pack besides FeralRealms. The only native Clan here is BloodclawClan and we are in dire need of more native Clans to join us.
    Right now, there is still lots of territory to be claimed in Final Chapter.

    If you have problems getting FeralHeart, we could open a Registration Watch.

    Revive Warrior roleplay today, please!

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  • Midnight786


    July 4, 2015 by Midnight786

    It seems like yesterday my life was going according to my expectations. I was never prepared for my life to change from good to bad. I used to be so happy. I had awesome friends! I had a boyfriend/mate who loved me until the end! I had everything I ever wanted. Then everything turned to shit (excuse my language). I feel like I've caused this along the way. I try to hard to fit in and it just pushes away everyone that I already adore in my life. My friends have vanished, my mate gone because of hospital expenses for cancer and having to give away his computer. I wish I could go back to when everything was good. I wouldn't appreciated it more. Like the saying goes...

    You don't know what you have until it's gone.

    I'm holding on though, I'm tryi…

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  • Ravenheart1


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  • Ravenheart1


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  • Ravenheart1

    OC&Warriors rant

    June 24, 2015 by Ravenheart1

    Deleltion requested by raven

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  • Bubblestar

    Hi :3

    May 7, 2015 by Bubblestar

    Hi friends xD, good to reunite I guess. I've been thinking a lot about Free Realms and how I miss it lately and it's making me really depressed so... anyways, if you want to contact me for any reason at any time (I'll still check in here frequently), I recently made an account on as DerpyBubbles so yeah. But I heard that everyones moved from Feral Realms onto something else? If anyone could give me details on that and how to get to it, that would be greatly appreciated. Because if that is the case, I'll go on there and you'll probably here from me a lot more haha.

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  • Morningstar1018

    Sparring Matches

    April 10, 2015 by Morningstar1018

    Today is the Sparring Matches with the other 4 clans. 3 of our members will go against 3 members from Windclan, 3 from River, 3 from Thunder, and 3 from Blood. Our 3 members which are gonna be fighting are: Whitefang (if he can't make it then in his place will be Sagestorm), Furrybeast, and Firelight. If you haven't been keeping updated with the clan or haven't been on, then these will take place either every week or every once and a while. These don't risk the lives of our Warriors, if they die in the arena they're still alive once they leave it. There shall be only one winner to this battle. The clan leaders Snowstar, Darkstar, Hollystar, Demonstar, and I will be spectating this event from a distance. We all have agreed that this event w…

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  • Morningstar1018

    Yesterdays gathering with Shadow, Wind, Thunder, River, and Blood went great! I'd say everyone behaved greatly. Although there were some Warriors and Apprentices who were acting like kits, it was a amazing gathering. Today, Friday, we are hosting a sparring match. Hopefully the sparring will go well and everyone will follow the rule respectfully. Snowstar, leader of Riverclan, and I planned this out and soon Blood and Thunder thought it'd be a great idea. These sparring matches will hopefully allow Warriors to see their mistakes and learn from them. It'll also allow them to perfect their moves so they can learn to fight against the other clans. Leaders are sending three of their members out into a sparring match with three others from the …

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  • FR-Loner

    Photo editing requests

    April 9, 2015 by FR-Loner

    Hello, As your may or may not know, I enjoy photograph editing. I need practice. So, I will be taking requests. Free of charge! Please comment in order for your request to be accepted Ex:Clan banner

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  • Ravenheart1

    Is FreeRealms Back?

    April 4, 2015 by Ravenheart1

    Deleted content

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  • Ravenheart1


    March 31, 2015 by Ravenheart1

    RavenHeart's Bio

    Mother:Skysoul (Dark Ginger she-cat)

    Father:SummerCloud (Unknown Description) {Might be Father, This one based on what I saw.}

    Littermates: n/a

    Unbiological LitterMates: Nightfrost[She-cat] (Forgotten description), Ashflame[She-cat] (Forgotten description)

    Half Clan blood: N/A 

    Full Clan Blood: Skyclan

    Clan Born in: Skyclan

    Mate: Chance(Decreased Rogue) [Reunited with Chance],  Blackclaw (Formerly)

    Kits:Frostkit/fang (White she-cat and stub tail), Icekit/tail (White small she-cat)

    Clan:EquinoxClan (Formal)

    Residence: StarClan

    Rank: Medicine Cat (Orignally)

    [Orginally trained as warrior, then finished her apprenticship as a medicine cat]

    Leader:Legendstar (Origanlly)

    Apprentice(s): Cloudmist (Grey Tabby)

    Age: 5.3 yrs

    Cause of Death: Smoke I…

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  • Midnight786

    What did I do?

    March 31, 2015 by Midnight786

    My whole life I've never fit in. I was always known as the ugly freak that is nothing but worthless and pathetic. I've tried to get along with other people, try new things. I've tried being there for people when I can and just be a good friend.

    Why can't I have a break? What am I doing wrong? I try my best to look my best, dress my best, act my best. But no! I've never had a boyfriend in real life because they all see what's on the outside and not on the inside. Whenever I get a mate, whenever I fall in love and just want someone to care about me, they say they love me forever then they just vanish. They never come back. I'm tired of it. Why can't I be successful in making a pack or clan like the other high and mighty people on Feral Heart?…

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  • Xbridesmaidx

    Clan Badges

    March 18, 2015 by Xbridesmaidx

    Ok, so I've had this idea for a while now but never got around to making this. My idea was to make patches for different Clans. You could either post them on your profile, draw them/print them out on a poster, or sew them onto a jacket. But I'm curious to know how you guys think these patches should look.

    I was wondering if patches should show all of the ranks a person acquired throughout their gameplay. If we designed them like this, then my patch (since I've acquired all ranks) might look something like this. The badge with the moon and feather would be the base for the DarkmoonClan patch. Then the three arrow things would stand for the three ranks of kit, apprentice and warrior that I passed through. Then he leaf would be for med cat, th…

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  • Bubblestar


    March 1, 2015 by Bubblestar

    Hi, it's been a while. Again. XD. But I thought about this wiki again today because well.. I'll get to that.

    I turn to this wiki when I'm sad, or when I think about it, or when I feel lost because really, it's the only place I feel home. It's been over 3 years now since me and Krissy created this wiki, and it's grown a hell of a lot. It used to be this and also Free Realms (mainly Free Realms) I'd turn to as if it was my medicine - the only thing that could stop my emotions for a while (chessy, I know, but that's me haha) and so that's what I'm doing now.

    Forgot to tell you guys, I'm in Australia so we don't have middle school. We start high school literally in Grade 7. And I started high school 5 weeks ago! I really shouldn't be putting an …

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  • Darkclaw1444


    February 24, 2015 by Darkclaw1444





    MythicClan will be very hyper and very active and having a lot of fun during these next months going through Aug. 4/24/15

    Summer is here! 5/12/2015

    Clan/Pack members: 45  total not including the leader

    Group pic of MythicClan

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  • Cherrypool

    Hey everyone!

    February 16, 2015 by Cherrypool

    I miss and luv y'all so much! I feel like ever since FreeRealms shut down I've slowly drifted away :( I wish I could still hang with you guys but I cannot download anymore video games. Please message me when you have the chance! I would love to talk to everyone again! :)




    Can you guys fill me in on what's happened lately?

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  • Derpÿÿ

    SOE sold to Columbus Nova

    February 11, 2015 by Derpÿÿ

    See original post here:

    Yeah, title pretty much explains it all.

    Also from now on it won't be part of Sony anymore and their new name is Daybreak Game Company

    Read more here:

    Also, there's few rumors Columbus Nova will help them bring FR and CWA back, I'm not sure if this true or not...

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  • Whisker890

    You've got it wrong

    January 18, 2015 by Whisker890

    Apparently people are saying that I am on FeralRealms and I am some sort of killer. That is not from me, my only two characters on fr were maplestar & toxicbunny1. I wnted to say that no I am not on feralheart and that it is not me lol The reason why I made the dark forest thing on fr was because I was bored. Nothing really happened with it though, I kinda gave up lol.

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  • HazelStream

    JayFlighty's Art Page

    December 28, 2014 by HazelStream

    Ello everyone!

    This is where I'm going to be posting my art(digital or hand-drawn stuff). I mainly draw animals like cats, dogs, maybe dragons and birds, and also wolves. I do take drawing requests for anyone who wants to know that. 

    My DA is(for those who might want to know):

    Your gonna just have to type that link in.

    Digital Art:


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  • Midnight786

    Thank you.

    December 18, 2014 by Midnight786

    All my life, I've felt like I never fit in with the other kids. Like it was bad to be different, I felt ashamed of myself and called myself stupid and ugly. I didn't have many true friends, never had a boyfriend to love. I was alone most of the time. I usually just hid in my room, crying and wishing I was never born or that I was different so those other kids would like me.

    Sounds pathetic, I know. I don't need anyone's pity or to feel sorry for me. I'm done with all that...

    When I first joined Free Realms and this wiki when I was 9, I thought none of you would respect me just like the jerks in Middle School. But I found out that there are nice, friendly people out there. You all helped me feel more confident about myself, to try more things…

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  • Darkclaw1444


    December 15, 2014 by Darkclaw1444

    "Hello there fellow Warriorcats. I am going to talk about this new epic game called ArcheAge. Now I wasn't the one that found this game first. I believe it was Derpy? Eh... anyways let me share to you what I think and know of ArcheAge." ~Legend MoonStar

    ( Sound track is here ---> )

    ArcheAge is a really popular MMO game made by Glyph. It is rated M. It is basiclly an adult FreeRealms, but with more violence, langauge, sex theme, acohol. ( I am 16 years old but I already play a lot of rated M games with this stuff in it so yeah. O_O )

    On ArcheAge you can do what ever you feel like and roam around different places like how it was on FreeRealms. However, if you do wish to roam around be cautions.

    When you roam around and first begin playing, you w…

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  • Rory Daybreak

    Love Life

    December 13, 2014 by Rory Daybreak

    Here are some words I'd like to share with anyone who is questioning themselves, or their life:

    1) If your mind is powerful enough to make you feel horrible, unhealthy, unhappy, and always dwell on negatives, then its powerful enough to make you happy, healthy, free, and allow you to live life positively.

    -Rory Daybreak

    2) The only reason everything goes wrong is because you allow it to, if you focus on the negatives or expect the worse, and this becomes a habit, all you will get is the worse, and negatives, do not mentally kill yourself. If you think positive and happy and break the habit of negativity, you will be happy, you will see the light.

    -Rory Daybreak

    3) The most powerful thing in the world is the human mind, it can defy anything put …

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  • Cherrypool

    New Account

    December 12, 2014 by Cherrypool

    I made a new account because I was using my friend's email and it was spamming her and we couldn't change the email so....yeah. Dis is my new account.

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  • Bubblestar

    Free Realms Memories

    November 29, 2014 by Bubblestar

    Hi guys! So I decided to create a forum called Free Realms Memories. It's basically a forum where you can interact with one another and maybe meet your old Free Realms friends because I'll be posting this everywhere I can where there are Free Realms people, so hopefully there will be loads of people on it. It'll be loads of fun. I know there's Feral Realms and trust me, this is not a replacement for that. It's not a game, it's just a community where we can interact with each other more and it'll be a lot easier.

    I know, there's like no one on it at the moment. But there will never be anybody on it if people don't make threads and post and make an effort to actually be on the forum because if you think 'N…

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  • Bubblestar

    It's me, Derpy Bubblestar

    November 29, 2014 by Bubblestar

    Hi all! Yes, it's me again, Derpy Bubblestar...

    Okay, I know I broke a promise - to be active again and blah blah blah. The thing is, I haven't been active at all. The truth is it's because I got new interests and changed and I kinda just forgot about this for a while, and then I remembered and I kept putting off going back because I knew I'd already not fulfilled my promise and I didn't know what would happen but now I've just decided I'm eventually going to have to explain myself and I just thought I'd get it over and done with now.

    The thing is, I probably should've never made that promise. Because it most likely may not have worked out. Or it may have, but who knows. Free Realms is gone, and I think we've all changed a little bit and may…

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  • Erin Nightshade

    Bad News D:!!!

    November 24, 2014 by Erin Nightshade

    Hey everyone :( I have some severe bad news, last night right after I spoke at the gathering, I was busted in real for being on while doing homework. My mom now has deleted every game I was on, including Feral Heart, Last Moon, Wiz 101 and Pirate 101, so I have been disconnected from every game and now have a new severity system. So, now I am without that. Right after that happen, I will admit, I did get upset and cry, only because she took away you guys from me D: I'm sorry guys. This was the biggest mistake I have ever made, this is why I hate sneaking. Idk when I'll be back but I hope I'll see you all again:

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  • Erin Nightshade

    Hello, I am Baymax and I have some big BIG news for you! Erin just saw Big Hero 6 yesterday and guess what :D......

    Hiro- she LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVED IT! A BIG announcement to make so get ready for the shocker, it shocked and surprised her teacher and Mom, so here it is.........

    "BIG HERO 6 WAS BEYOND AMAZING!" "I think Big Hero 6 was better then Dragons! IT WAS AWESOME!"

    That's all for now, see ya! -Hiro

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  • Rory Daybreak

    Please Read This Post

    October 29, 2014 by Rory Daybreak

    Hello fellow Wikia Users,

    If anyone played Free Realms and spent their time Role playing as a Warrior Cat or Wolf, please check out this link:, In the game Feral Heart, there are a series of maps all connected in one map pack created by Free Realms players, these maps are almost identical copies of the locations in Free Realms, and there are at least 17 packs and clans there already. And if you are not interested in joining any of the groups there, why not bring your own group to live there along with us, or live as a rogue? The maps also get updated for all the holidays and events that took place in Free Realms, such as Snow Days and the Spooktacular. If this message applies to you and you ar…

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  • Rory Daybreak

    I have a great idea on how to get people to come to Feral Realms, I'm not even joking this is a great idea. 

    This is what we should do:

    1. Try to find Feral Heart, Free Realms, Warrior Cats, and Animal Rp wikis on wikia, and post welcome invitations to check out this wiki and read the about page and download it if the people get interested.

    2. Someday, maybe Sunday instead of the gathering, or we could do it after the gathering, we all, all groups there go to a popular map and hopefully we won’t all crash but to all sit together cats and wolves in a huge mass and advertise feral realms.

    3. Instead of advertising for members to join your group, next time you go out say this: If anyone played Free Realms, please check out this link: http://feral…

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  • Lilytail14


    October 22, 2014 by Lilytail14

    Has anyone seen DarkClaw o_o she's been gone for at least 4 days, she said she wouldn't be on all day on Saturday, I expected her to be back the next day but that didn't happen. Please tell me in the comments of you have seen her.

    Xcellent Dreamtroos, (Best Wishes in Dragonese) ~LilyTail

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  • Rory Daybreak

    Won't be too active

    October 21, 2014 by Rory Daybreak



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  • Nightshade03

    What I have so far for my story. Good or Bad?                                                                 




    Nightshade sat under a massive oak tree giving his dark pelt a gental wash. It has been a quarter moon since green-leaf has arrived and the gentle breeze of the forest blew around many scents of fattened pray. A hunting potral came back into camp. Runningnose was sitting at the edge of the medicine den, watching the peacful clan, Tigerstar was talking to his seniour warriors, and . Eve…

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  • Nightshade03

    Jk about my story. I will be posting a whole other story hopefully by Thanksgiving. Sorry D: At the moment I've been slammed with school and I'm working on my own personal stories. Night :D

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  • Nightshade03


    October 5, 2014 by Nightshade03
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  • Darkclaw13


    September 26, 2014 by Darkclaw13

    Hey everyone, Um.... I am leaving and not going to be on the computer much anymore. My stress and depression has going to far... So I am taking a long break. I am so so sorry for leaving you all like this. I will come back I promise when things get better that is if they ever do. Please please don't forget me, be safe, and have fun. I will miss you all deeply. ~Darkclaw

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  • Darkclaw13

    Omg! I am so excitied!! I will be able to visit my BSE ( Best Sister Ever) soon!!!! And hopefully every month idk. I will be taking pics ok we will be taking pics and showing off our amazing fab! In the mean time sadly we have to wait due to family reasons.... But still I ish so excited!!! ~Darkclaw

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  • Darkclaw13

    Dragon's Den

    August 27, 2014 by Darkclaw13

    Deleted unused and old. ~Moonpelt

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  • BettaApex

    this is old ignore this please

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  • Erin Nightshade

    Just Stop!

    August 18, 2014 by Erin Nightshade

    Ok that's it! You know what I am tired of this bull crap and I don't care if I cuss, if you A holes don't Shut the hell up about this Legend MoonStar drama and I don't even care if it's over, that's not what I see! Because y'all are still going on about it, and you know what it needs to STOP! Get the hell over it and move on with your flippen lives!

    It's already getting OLD! And now it's GETTING FUDGING ANNOYING AS HELL! There is more to talk about then just this crap!! STOP THIS BULL CRAP RIGHT NOW! BECAUSE IT HAS GONE ON LONGER THEN IT FLIPPEN NEEDS TO!!!

    I honestly can't deal with this anymore! And I'm sure none of you will give a F about this, but you all have made my day gone from Good to BAD! No thank you for that! We can't deal with t…

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  • BettaApex

    this is old ignore this please

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  • Cherrypool-Moonstar

    Lets all celebrate!

    • Wear Blue and Green
    • Write Seaweed Brain on your wrist
    • Read a chapter of Percy Jackson
    • Eat a blue cupcake
    • Throw Percy his own party!
    • Get balloons
    • Watch the horrible movies
    • Post a pic and tag it #happybirthdayseaweedbrain

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