Remember, there is no "claiming" of names! I assure you that someone created the same name as yours once upon a time. There's no need to get upset if anyone else uses it.

Please avoid editing this Wiki at all costs.

Thanks, and I hope you find a good name for your future clan!

Bright Names

If you are looking for a name to describe a clan full of cheer and joy, these will be the names to help you!

  • BrightClan
  • LightClan
  • GlowClan
  • ShimmerClan
  • SparkleClan
  • GlimmerClan
  • WhiteClan
  • YellowClan

Dark Names

Perhaps bright names aren't what you are looking for. Maybe the clan you have in mind is evil and grumpy. These are the names you need!

  • DarkClan
  • ShadeClan
  • BlackClan
  • GrayClan
  • DeathClan
  • BoneClan